TCW Roster

Here is the entire roster of TCW Superstars, Women Superstars & Managers who make this show happen!  Twitch Usernames Included!  Click on a Superstar's name to see their picture!  Click on a Twitch Username to go to their Twitch Channel*!

*NOTE: Not all Twitch users have active streams.

TCW Superstars

Adrian Ellis
Bobby Biggs
Ian Miller
Mike Gordon
Mike Metal
Padre Demonio
Rated R
Seth Taylor
Warren Wilson

TCW Women Superstars

Jayde An'orah
Misa "Power" Tatsumaki
 on behalf of "maltorramus"
Roxy Leigh

TCW Managers

 Maltor Ramus

TCW Attendance

As a TCW Superstar it is your responsibility to show up for shows in order to remain active on the roster. Only people who show up and show dedication will be featured on our shows. Don’t forget that ALL TCW Shows are LIVE every Wednesday evening at 5:30pm CST ending around 8:30pm CST at with a PPV usually on the last Saturday of the month starting at 8:30pm CST until the event ends.


GREEN: Showed up - All is good! ^_^

RED: No Show - If you don't show up and don't message anybody that you can’t make it or you purposely don't show you will get a RED mark. NO EXCUSES! 3 RED marks in a row and you are FIRED with no chance of returning to TCW. P.S. RAGE QUITTING will get you an automatic RED MARK.  Also you WILL drop 1 spot in the Title Rankings every time you get a RED MARK.  No excuses.

: Excused Absence - I completely understand that people have a LIFE outside of TCW and Twitch. However if you can’t make it cause of work or future life plans please let either me or one of the Twitch Mods know so we can mark you as excused. Your status will not be effected

: Tardy - There are usually 6 - 7 Matches a show. 8 max at PPV’s. If you don’t show up by the end of the 3rd match you will be marked as Tardy. Every time you get a YELLOW your Twitch Championship Ranking will be hurt. NO EXCUSES! 3 YELLOW marks or more in a row will count as an unexcused absence. You will be dropped. No excuses. If you provide a legitimate excuse you will be marked GREEN as long as you say your gonna be late and still manage to make it to the show. P.S. leaving the show early unless you have a legitimate reason will also get you a Yellow Mark.

You can view the TCW Attendance sheet by clicking HERE!